Buy a Planter. Change a Life.

As Thanksgiving approaches, we’d like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU for your continued partnership with Jackson Pottery. During this season, we reflect on how God has blessed our company and how we can continue to actively be a blessing to others. Vietnam is an amazing country with great people and incredible pottery. Partnering with... Continue Reading →

Will a direct container change your life, forever?

                Will a direct container change your life, forever?  Yes, absolutely….definitely maybe….  How is that for assurance? DEALING WITH REJECTION Recently, during a very successful trade show, I had the opportunity to speak with a newer garden center owner who expressed interest in buying a direct container from... Continue Reading →

How to Survive a Trade Show

Trade Shows in January and February. As if you didn’t get enough shopping done during the Christmas season. Well, that was mainly consumer shopping and now it’s time to tie the sneakers on and race to do the kind of shopping that will net you the profits to pay for all the Christmas gifts you... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the New Year!

Welcome to the New Year! When you hit the reset button at the beginning of the year, you boil things down to the essentials.  What we care about - what all of our time, energy, and money go toward - is our customer’s success story.  Each new calendar year creates a great opportunity to bring... Continue Reading →

Hard Work

Most People Don’t Recognize Success… If you work in landscaping, a garden center, a farm, or a retail store, you know hard work. I started working at age 9 on Saturdays carrying out flowers to ladies’ cars and, if I were on the ball that day, I would get a dollar tip for my efforts.... Continue Reading →

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